In Utero Stem Cell Transplantation

Clinical Trials

Currently Recruiting 

Phase I/II clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of pre- and/or postnatal MSC transplantation in the severest forms of OI (type III, severe type IV). Transplantation before birth at the onset of disease should lead to greater efficacy and engraftment with less rejection than transplantation after birth. 

Phase I clinical trial to demonstrate the safety, feasibility and efficacy of performing in utero stem cell transplantation on fetuses affected with ATM.  Performing stem cell transplantation at the same time as IUT minimizes any additional procedural risk to the fetus. 



5th  International Conference

In Utero Transplantation and Gene Therapy



6th  International Conference

In Utero Transplantation and Gene Therapy

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine 

Wiston-Salem, NC,USA

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